Is Lady Gaga a Christian?

By Peter Elliott | Everyday Christian Editor

Posted 6:27 am on June 03, 2010

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When you think of well-known Christians in entertainment, the list is pretty familiar.

Now can you add arguably the hottest name in popular music?

You be the judge.

Lady Gaga has become a pop music superstar with her wild costumes and memorable melodies. She was also raised in a Catholic home and was candid in a Larry King interview about her attraction to religion.

What was striking, other than that she wore a tie and suspenders to match King daily wardrobe of choice, was how her answers were candid and similar to what many Christians ask themselves.

Let me take a quick diversion.

Many of us, when cornered, would love to think we have unshakable faith. Consider this quote, however, from Max Lucado’s best-seller Fearless, released last year. In this snippet, he’s following up on a story about filmmaker Woody Allen, an avowed atheist: “I suppose someone exists who can’t fathom Woody Allen’s fears (of no life after death). There must be in God’s great world a soul who has never doubted God’s existence or questioned his goodness. But that soul is not writing this book.”

If someone as devout and inspirational as Lucado can have even a glimmer of doubt, what does that say about the rest of us?

And in this case, what does it say about Lady Gaga?

Here’s part of what she told King: “I believe in Jesus, I believe in God, I’m very spiritual, I pray. At the same time there isn’t one religion that doesn’t hate or speak against or be prejudiced against another racial group or religious group or sexual group.

“I guess you could say I’m a very religious woman who is confused about religion.”

Confused about religion?

Having a few doubts?

Is it possible Max Lucado and Lady Gaga would actually have something – anything – in common?

A more pertinent question is could her view of faith have something in common to you and I, most of whom are otherwise ordinary people living quite ordinary North American lives?

Consider further:

Gaga said, “I believe I’ll go to heaven, but I’ll suppose I could go either way, couldn’t I?”

Raise your hand if you have always been 100 percent convinced a spot is waiting for you in heaven.

Max Lucado’s hand is down.

Gaga’s hand is down.

My hands are still typing.

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about the author:
Peter Elliott

Peter Elliott is a veteran news and sports journalist. He enjoys interviewing others about how God works in their lives and sharing that with readers. He is also a lifelong, long-suffering Chicago Cubs fan. He resides in Indianapolis with his wife and three sons.

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